ReAgent Installs New & Improved IT Infrastructure

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

29th May 2019

At ReAgent, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve, whether that’s in our customer service, our quality accreditations, our products and services, and so on. With that in mind, we have recently installed new and improved IT infrastructure, including a new high-specification server. Our aim in doing this is so that we can make both internal and customer-facing improvements.

ReAgent’s New Server

ReAgent's New and Improved IT Infrastructure Makes Our Processes More Efficient For Our Customers

Our IT team has just installed a brand new base server, which has virtual servers running on top of it. This system means that we can roll out virtual servers as and when we need them. As we continue our multi-million pound per annum growth, this will provide flexibility, scalability, and speed that we can then pass on to our thousands of customers. In short, it will enable even faster expansion.

What ReAgent’s New Server Means For Our Customers

There are definite benefits and advantages for installing a new server that we can pass on to our customers. These benefits include:

  • Improved customer data protection: The customer data we hold is now even more securely protected. With cybersecurity an increasingly important issue, we are not only protecting customer data from both existing threats, but also from new threats as hackers are less familiar with new systems. ReAgent's New and Improved IT Infrastructure Protects Customer Data
  • Processes and functions run much more quickly: Our high specification server has a large memory, improved automation, ultra-reliability, seamless connectivity, and better power management. Those things make us more efficient and productive as a company, with minimised downtime. In turn, we can respond more quickly to our customers, speed up our order processing times, and access account and order details in real time super quickly. With this boost in productivity, we can also make time to work on improving our core services even further.
  • Better communication: With upgraded hardware, we are better communicators both internally but more importantly, with our customers. We are using the very best in communication technology to both engage with our staff and our customers.
  • Happy employees mean happy customers: One of the most important things to the board of directors at ReAgent is to have happy employees. Providing them with the best technology makes their jobs easier, more efficient, and more productive – and a lot less frustrating! We believe that if our employees enjoy their work, are motivated and happy, this then passes on to our customers and makes us a good company to work with.

We’ve also upgraded other aspects of our IT infrastructure to make further improvements – look out for more details coming soon!


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