ReAgent Hosts Quarterly Staff Meeting

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

13th May 2016

Throughout the year, meetings are hosted in which all the staff at ReAgent gather together and present the rest of the work force with a small presentation summarizing the accomplishments and projects of their respected department. 

We had our most recent staff meeting last Friday and as usual it was a massive success. All available members of staff met in our managing directors office at 12pm and the presentation started. We wanted to share the highlights of the meeting and the key points made by each department.


Led by our Operations Director, Simon Tasker it was outlined that there have been many great changes to the every day running of ReAgent from a manufacturing and shop floor perspective. Many new machines in our inventory have been replaced, upgraded and new additions have been invested to improve our manufacturing capabilities. During the presentation, it was outlined that we had invested into a new 2.5 tonne capacity Linde E25 Forklift. It was also discussed that further staff recruitment is under way, which you can find more information about over on our careers page. 

Label machine printing labels to go on bottles of chemicals


We looked over out past 12 months of marketing projects for ReAgent and what we aim to continue with in the future. One of the biggest ongoing projects that we have been working on recently and will continue to develop over the coming months, is our website. We announced back in January that the process of redeveloping one of the UK’s biggest online sellers of off the shelf chemicals would be a big task – but progress is great. We have put together the main style of the website and have began to integrate the website with our current systems. We hope that the new website can create a much smoother and more efficient work flow for our sales team, production team and the users of the website.

We also reported to the rest of the staff that many changes had taken place on our primary ReAgent website, as well as all of our European websites including editing, removing and adding new services pages to highlight our ever growing smorgasbord of specialized services.

IT Department

Our IT manager Steve Williams presented his share of the presentation with some key highlights from his previous quarter in the IT department. Recent months seen some big changes to systems at ReAgent, including new computer hardware being purchased for multiple staff to keep up with the demand of their high work load and strenuous tasks.

Forklift truck driver operating forklift truck in a chemical factory

Since our business is ever growing, it was obvious that there was always going to be an increase in outgoing and inbound emails from staff, but the 23% and 40% increases on outgoing and inbound emails truly did surprise us! This statistic greatly backs up the evidence that ReAgent is a growing business with more and more customers enquiring about our services than ever before.

Management Systems

Systems Manager, Graham Bayliss explained during his presentation that 2016 has been an extremely busy year for his department. Outlining that over the past 5 months ReAgent has been subject to 9 external audits from existing and new customers – of which we received only four non-conformance’s and have been accepted by four new companies as a supplier. From these audits, we also are able to comfortably retain our ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates. It was also pointed out that over the past 12 months, ReAgent has listed 56 new products on our website, resulting to an average of one new product every 5 days!

Overall, these regular staff meetings are evidence that we work extremely well as a company to provide our customers with the best product possible. Not to mention that after these regular staff meetings we all head off to the pub to celebrate…! 


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