How ReAgent has expanded over the past 12 Months – 2015 Review

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

23rd December 2015

It’s that time of year again for ReAgent when we close the doors for two weeks and head home to spend time with our family for christmas – but before we go, we always like to look back over the last 12 months at ReAgent and see what has changed for the company. Hint: a lot!

2015 has seen ReAgent hire multiple new members of staff across all departments, achieve a 100% Quality assessment from Achilles Group Limited, and expand our network of websites into over 30 European countries – yep, we’ve been busy! But it’s been a great year.

Manufacturing Tips from Experts

Back in January we posted about lean manufacturing. A culture we have adopted at ReAgent more than ever over the past year – and we decided A photograph from the ReAgent instagram account. to introduce this culture to our online following by outlining tips and information we’ve learnt from our adoption of the method. ‘ By engaging people in the process of problem-solving, it reduces resistance to the recommended solutions. Rather, participants want to see their ideas implemented and be successful because they are their ideas.’ Discover how you can adopt a lean culture in your workplace.

Water Plant Upgrades

We decided we needed to make some upgrades to our water plant facilities, water is one of ReAgents largest selling product; and as demand for the product increases  – so did the urgency to improve our storage and processing facilities. Customers demand, and we deliver! The new pump has a maximum theoretical flow rate of 22,000L of water per hour.

We were able to see the benefits of this upgrade straight away. If you’re curious about the water upgrades we made earlier this year be sure to read the in-depth article we created. If you’re interested, be sure to watch the video we put together to walk our customers through our water plant facility!

Packaging Innovations 2015

Near the end of February we visited Packaging Innovations 2015, an event run by Easyfairs which was held in the NEC in Birmingham. The event encompassed three exhibitions; Packaging Innovations 2015, Empack 2015 and Label & Print 2015. Learn more about our trip to Packaging Innovations 2015 from our blog post! 

ReAgent attended packaging innovations 2015

BLOODHOUND. Yes… it’s as cool as it sounds!

We support the BLOODHOUND Project by providing deionised water (DI water) and hydrogen peroxide (HTP). While we visited the workshop, Kim Watt and James Reed spoke to us about how our chemicals are used at BLOODHOUND, and why only the highest quality water is suitable for such a ground-breaking project. ReAgent’s deionised water is used in the BLOODHOUND factory to test the Jaguar engine that will be used in the car.

Fuel cannot be used as it’s so volatile and because deionised water has had minerals removed, it won’t corrode parts of the engine. The deionised water provided by ReAgent is used to test the performance of BLOODHOUND’s system to ensure they get the right flow rate that will give the performance needed.

ReAgent Supplies Chemicals for School Science Experiments

ReAgent was contacted with a request to buy some chemicals to use for science demonstrations at a Chemistry Day in Acharacle Primary School in Highlands, Scotland. The Chemistry Day took place on 19th March 2015 during Science Week, and it was a chance for pupils to observe and be involved in chemistry demonstrations, so they could enjoy and understand chemical processes.

The aim of the Chemistry Day was to show pupils how chemists can study chemical reactions and understand why they happen. This was done by a series of experiments showing visible changes in chemical reactions using, for example, pH indicators or reactions involving a change of state, such as the production of gas. Find out some of the incredible experiments the schools were able to try out thanks to our chemical supply. 

The second part of our year review will be uploaded in the new year. In the mean time from everybody at ReAgent we would like to wish you all a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year! See you in 2016! 


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