ReAgent get’s Festive with Secret Santa!

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

11th December 2015


Each year ReAgent hosts a secret santa event within the company and the arrival of December means only one thing, it was time to pick a name out of a hat and head to the shops!

At ReAgent all of our staff seem to get along great, which makes for a great atmosphere when we go to host these kind of events throughout the year. The same can be said for nights out we host and when we celebrate a colleagues birthday. Everybody is up for a bit of a laugh and some good times, which makes it a pleasure to take part in activities such as secret santa. Being my first year at ReAgent I hadn’t taken part in the secret santa activity before, but I knew that whatever name I drew from the hat, I had to get something pretty decent.

We set a £5 limit on our presents, which left space for everybody to get something small, simple, and a little fun… which it was! Whilst I can’t give away what I bought for my secret santa because they may be reading this and, well, that wouldn’t be much of a secret would it? I can give away what I got, and I am more than happy with my present. I was given Stormtrooper place mat and a bunch of Silly Joke cards. I think I have been talking about Star Wars a little too much around the office and might have dropped some hints.


Positive Spirits at ReAgent

With christmas lingering just around the corner, the spirits are high at ReAgent, you can see from the photographs that the sales team is well and truly decorated with tinsel and a christmas tree… we don’t shy away from the festivities! Asides from Christmas is no wonders that energy levels are high at the moment at ReAgent, with tonnes of new projects, investments and staff entering the horizon it’s obvious to see that people are excited about new opportunities arising from the ground. Our website expansion across Europe has taken a massive rise over the past two weeks and enquiries from new and innovative potential customers are always in the hot seat for our sales team. It’s safe to say that so far, 2015 has been a record breaking year for ReAgent, and we hope to see this attitude and development grow over the coming years… and beyond!

Below you can find any information relating to our trading period over Christmas, but any more information you may need feel free to contact us directly.



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