ReAgent finalises plans for new mixing equipment

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

22nd September 2016

ReAgent is in the final steps of closing plans to purchase two new IBC mixing stations to add to our already extensive inventory. Further to that, we are looking to obtain air driven drum and IBC mixers. 

Increased Mixing Capabilities

ReAgent has been mixing chemical materials for over 25 years, using a wide variety of methods to successfully mix and blend the products and materials we work with is something we’re always looking to expand on. With our recent investments into new pieces of kit, and upgrades to our factory and other elements of our daily runnings; we decided to make the leap into new broadening our product blending capabilities.

IBC Mixing Equipment

We’ve been working with a local company to create two bespoke IBC mixing stations, and an air driven drum and IBC mixer. The project is almost at a close and we’re in the final stages of closing this deal – which means soon we will have increased capabilities of our drum and IBC mixing.

Chemical Mixing at ReAgent

Chemical mixing is an essential process used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, mineral and plastic. It often includes a variety of processes like dry blending, emulsification, particle size reduction, paste mixing, and homogenization in order to achieve a desired custom blend.

Here at ReAgent, we offer our clients a fully bespoke contract, whether you’re looking to scale up, improve on an existing formulation or create a new formula from scratch. Through our, commitment to quality and continual investment in the latest training and equipment, we can work with you to meet your targets, whether your solution is powder, cream or liquid. Read more.

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