ReAgent Explores The Mechanics of Genius

Rich Hudson

by Rich Hudson

11th February 2016

Earlier this week ReAgent attended the launch event of the latest exhibition to come to the Science Museum in London.  The exhibition is titled “Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius” and it explores the amazing contribution to science (and art) made by one of the greatest minds ever, Leonardo da Vinci.

The event was hosted in the Welcome Wing towards the back of the museum.  To get there you need to walk through exhibits on Exploring Space and Making the Modern World.  It was great to see the museum at night when hardly anyone was around and there were all sorts of amazing items on display, from trains and spacecraft to computers and euthanasia machines (yes, you read that correctly!).

The Mechanics of Genius - Parachute and Aerial Screw Helicopter

Whilst most people are familiar with Leonardo da Vinci as one of the leading artists of the Renaissance period, this exhibition highlights his genius as an inventor and engineer.

Da Vinci was fascinated by the idea of human flight and produced detailed studies of birds, bats and kites.  He sketched out his ideas in notepads, many of which have been preserved since his death in 1519.

Large scale reproductions of his detailed drawings and sketches intersperse the exhibits and there are interactive games and multimedia installations which will appeal to all ages of visitor.

The Mechanics of Genius - Speeches

Amongst several dozen historical models of his inventions is the hand-driven aerial screw which employed the same principles of compressing air as found in helicopters 500 years later. Da Vinci designed flying machines and parachutes, in addition to diving equipment and weapons.

The exhibition launch was a great evening and very popular.  It was also extremely well organised.  It was great to see our company plaque just inside the entrance.  And it was good to finally meet up with Rachel Linehan who has invited us to countless previous events.  We’ll  certainly be making the effort to attend more events at the Science Museum!

The Mechanics of Genius - ReAgent

More information about Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius can be found on the Science Museum website here:


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