ReAgent Developing Irish Websites

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

1st September 2017

We at ReAgent are always looking for opportunities to expand and grow our business into international markets. Next on our list, Irish websites! &

Whilst we have spent the last 12 months working towards the rebuild for our popular  eCommerce store,, it’s now nearly time to move on to our next project. The task of expanding our websites into Irish markets is one that has been considered for a while. We intend to replicate our current UK websites, ReAgent and Chemicals and move website hosting to a provider in Ireland. This transition will offer optimal internet speeds for those in Ireland, as they won’t be waiting for a website to load from a UK based server.

Whilst this will not only offer users from Ireland a reliably fast connection to a website, but means we will have complete control over our new website via the Irish hosting provider.

ReAgent develop websites for Irish markets

The timeline for this

We have already acquired the domain names both &, and temporary hosting. If you head to either of those websites you will see a simple holding page. The timeline for these websites to be live is difficult to judge, but we’re looking at moving on with this sooner rather than later. There are many factors we need to consider when duplicating a website onto a new domain, but it’s not something we’re incapable off. We have gone through this process multiple times with our EU network of websites.

We always intend to keep our customers and website visitors up to date with activities going on at ReAgent, but if you have any questions you can contact us below or leave a comment and we will get  back to you. 


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