How a Simple Design Re-brand has Helped to Improve Customers Experience on our Website

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

18th September 2015

If you’re a regular to the ReAgent website, you may have noticed some slight changes throughout the website in recent weeks, and that is because we’re slowly undergoing a very slight brand identity change. Nothing major, but we like to make sure that we keep our website looking neat and tidy, and change it up every now and then to give it a fresh look.

What is the Current Design Trend?

Throughout 2014 and 2015 the design trends for websites and graphic design was very specific. It utilised a clean interface with solid, pastel colours and plain text; nothing fancy. The aim of this was to simplify websites for the end user so that business goals and aims are much more clear to read on the website. Millions of websites still use this design and I honestly can’t see it dying off any time soon. I am extremely familiar with the trends of the website design industry as during the time this change was taking place, I was a freelance web developer. And 9 out of 10 times, that was what the client asked for. “Clean & Simple” seemed to be the requirement for a successful business website, but is this still the case?


An Example of popular ‘Flat UI’ design throughout 2014/2015.

Why ReAgent Takes a Different Design Approach

Whilst flat website design looks nice, and some could argue it does the job (if done correctly) We at ReAgent believe that tonnes of crucial and relevant business information has to be sacrificed in order to obtain this style of website. Which we believe serves to much of an important purpose to our customers. So, we went back to the drawing board, and thought about how we can change our website and business branding without abandoning our comfortable and fluent approach to our website that our customers love so much.

Let’s Get Down to Business

We decided that rather than changing elements on the website, we would simply add to it. Having a play around with some new coloring effects we eventually came up with a design to add to some existing blue sections on the site. Utilising a ‘Low Polygon’ effect, we felt that this added to the ReAgent site without making it look too busy and hectic. This simple effect amplifies the text sitting within the relevant sections. You can view the changes live over on our Home Page.

Once our website had been changed over slightly, we felt it was importing to begin adding this effect to some of our already existing business documents, such as business cards, letter heads etc. Creativity ensued! As designers, myself and Darren, our marketing manager where given complete creative freedom to redesign some of our important business documents and give a fresh breath of air to our well established brand. Whilst the changes where not to be major, we felt that a simple ‘re-jig’ of existing documents would be sufficient enough for our clients and customers to notice. We believe we have successfully achieved that goal.

ReAgent Document Branding 2015

We ran the designs past our sales team, and they loved the new branding. They expressed how they felt that it would bring a fresh approach to our existing documents and emphasise that we are a creative company who are always looking to improve. Once we had all agreed, it was time to take the designs to the printer! We used the excellent services of to print our business cards, and we where truly impressed with the quality and speed of the production.

Our new business cards arrived just under a week ago at the time of writing this post, just in time for our Managing Director, Rich Hudson to use them at an event he attended. I think it’s safe to say that he is more than happy with the cards, and it’s amazing how a simple improvement on something such as business cards can emphasise your entity at a networking event, especially when there are more than enough business cards to fill a football stadium.



What do you think of our simple, but noticeable business re-brand? Is your company undergoing a rebrand at the minute? Tell us about it on Twitter or in the comments below. We’d love to see how other business are jazzing up their content!


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