ReAgent Collaboration Leads To Revolutionary New Floor Treatment

Rich Hudson

by Rich Hudson

19th November 2012

As the MD of a chemical company I am constantly amazed at the sheer range of development work that we are asked get involved in which is great news for us.  How could anyone think that chemistry is dull?  Variety is the spice of life as far as we are concerned!

One of our more recent projects has been collaboration with a leading company in the non slip floor treatment industry. They were looking for a Quality Assured chemical company to work with on the development of a new product and that’s where ReAgent came in (you can view our toll manufacturing services here).  They wanted a product that could be applied to hard, smooth surfaces such as polished concrete, tiles, stone, ceramics, enamel and porcelain in order to increase slip-resistance in wet conditions.

We spent a long time studying the chemistry behind the request and together explored a number of possibilities; They stressed the importance of the product being a surface treatment rather than a surface coating which could flake off.  Finally EtchGRIP was created, a revolutionary new material that, when applied to a smooth surface such as a floor, actually changes the surface structure of the flooring material at a microscopic level rendering the floor slip-free when wet.

EtchGRIP has been a big hit and many well-known companies have signed up to the product including Virgin Group, Lufthansa, Amazon, Saga and Sony.  At Wembley Stadium all of the tiled concourse, toilet areas, entrances, luxury boxes and restaurants have been successfully treated with the material to bring the whole stadium up to Pendulum Test Values set out by the HSE and UK Slip Resistance Group.

When applied to a smooth surface such as a floor, EtchGRIP actually changes the surface structure of the flooring material at microscopic level rendering the floor slip-free when wet

London Midland Trains have used EtchGRIP at 16 of their larger stations whilst Holiday Inn and Barcelo Hotel Group have used the product in bathrooms and wetrooms to increase surface slip resistance in wet conditions.

A wide range of other anti-slip flooring treatments including floor coatings, decking products and sealers is now available.  Their latest product is an EtchGRIP DIY kit aimed at the domestic market for use in bathrooms, wetrooms, kitchens and entrances.  The company has recently become an accredited SAFEContractor.


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