ReAgent Changes Hosting Provider for UK Websites

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

8th September 2017

We tend to post quite a lot about our website and digital entities. We feel it’s important to share with our customers the changes that we are making to our sites and how they will affect users. Such as our recent posts regarding the website rebuild.

We’re constantly working to improve

Our latest change, comes from a less front facing perspective and a much more behind the scenes adjustment we’ve recently made. The modification we’re talking is in regards to our website hosting. Something that very rarely affects the front end user, with the exception of the speed in which our website loads. However, we still feel that this chance is an important one that we need to make in order to provide a better service to our customers.

What websites will this affect?

We’re going to move the website and onto a new hosting server. The server we’re moving them on to will be completely managed in house by our marketing and IT team. This means we can respond incredibly fast to issues, and implement changes without much delay. If, for example, our websites ever go down then we can respond immediately and resolve the problem with minimal interference.

Simple changes like changing our hosting provider can create a much more balanced work structure for us to implement changes and cause minimal disruption for all of our customers. Not only will these changes provide a better up-time for our websites, but will also impact the level of security we can offer users on our websites. With more a more secure hosting provider and server performance, information that is passed through our site can be held much more securely and safely.

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