ReAgent Attends SelectUSA Investment Summit 2016

Rich Hudson

by Rich Hudson

24th June 2016

ReAgent was back in the beautiful city of Washington D.C. last week for the SelectUSA Investment Summit 2016 and what a great trip it has turned out to be with none other than President Barack Obama as the Keynote Speaker!

You may remember that we visited the United States back in March when we met with Senior Investment Specialist Diana Fonovich at the US Department of Commerce.  Since then, we have been working hard on analysing data to help us identify which States might be most suitable for us to invest in and the Investment Summit provided an opportunity to meet with the Economic Development Advisers from each of them.

Barack Obama Speech 2

The theme of this year’s Summit was ‘The Innovation Advantage’ and the 3 day event showcased investment opportunities from every corner of the United States for global investors. Investors of all sizes were welcomed including established multi-nationals, small and medium sized enterprises and high-growth startups.

The highlight of the Summit however, was hearing America’s 44th President, The Honourable Barack Obama speak about the opportunities and support available to foreign investors. His speech was truly inspiring and we felt privileged to have had the opportunity to hear such a fantastic orator.

One of the key points he made was that the world is getting smaller and that global commerce brings together people of different cultures and backgrounds for the common good of international business.

Enjoying a post-conference beer

Rich and Barb Outside the White House

As if to illustrate this point, later that day I attended an evening reception hosted by the State of Virginia and found myself sitting next to a mining consultant from Chile.  We had an interesting conversation about our respective businesses, countries, politics and families and it was a reminder that events such as SelectUSA help to shrink the world and bring us into contact with such a wide range of business people.

There is no doubt in our mind that ReAgent’s investment in the USA will make sound business sense and we look forward to the exciting next stage in developing a presence in North America.

The Washington Monument


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