ReAgent: On Tour at ChemSpec Europe 2015!

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

29th June 2015

ChemSpec is an annual conference that takes places in various counties across the world from year to year, and for the last 30 years it’s been incredibly successful with enthusiasts and professionals of the chemistry industry.

ChemSpec Europe 2015 in Cologne was a great experience for ReAgent. Last year at ChemSpec 2014 we Exhibited from the UK pavilion in Budapest, a shared stand funded and arranged by UKTI for British Businesses to explore exhibiting at the event on a budget. We were impressed by the Event and decided to exhibit from our own stand at ChemSpec 2015. The event attracted many of the industries top companies and provided ReAgent with a platform to promote our activities to high quality potential suppliers and clients.

Rich Hudson, our Managing Director here at ReAgent, along with Simon Tasker, General Manager & Darren Wison, Sales Director, travelled over to Cologne, Germany for the 30th Annual ChemSpec Europe Conference. This fantastic opportunity was celebrated with alot of pre-planning and organising to ensure that our ReAgent exhibit was as impressive and professional as the service we deliver.

“Chemspec Europe 2015 was brilliant. It was valuable from a company perspective and thoroughly enjoyable from personal perspective. While it may not have been the busiest exhibition, the quality of attendees is good and we came away with some promising enquiries. The event was also good for networking and I had meetings with a number of companies both up and down our supply chain. I feel a real sense of achievement representing ReAgent at events like this. They feel like a positive step forward on our quest for world domination. I am now looking forward to Chemspec Europe 2016 which will be in Basel, Switzerland.”

– Rich Hudson, Managing Director

 Richard Hudson, ReAgent's CEO, at the Chemspec Europe show

“I thought the event was a great success. It was fantastically organised, despite the Stand position being changed without us knowing. The quality of the potential clients and suppliers we encountered was very high and we generated some very promising leads.”

– Simon Tasker, General Manager

 Overall, I think it’s safe to say that our managers are more than excited at the idea of heading back over to the next ChemSpec event next year and representing the company once again. A great chance to meet new people and share our great business ideas with great minds alike.

A banner at the Chemspec Europe show

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