ReAgent Are Moving Factory!

Lucy Bell-Young

by Lucy Bell-Young

21st February 2018

After months of planning, ReAgent are pleased to announce that we are officially moving into a larger, newly refurbished factory!

It’s been hard keeping this quiet, but on 9th February 2018 we successfully finalised the purchase of our new manufacturing facility. Located literally across the road from our current factory, our new premises boasts many exciting features that will help us to expand our services and better serve the needs of our customers.

New Features & Benefits

In order for ReAgent to sustain its current growth, we have to expand into a larger premises. While this has been in the works for the best part of a year, we are now able to say that we plan to have fully moved into our new home by April 2018.

Key benefits of our new factory include:

  • Increased manufacturing space
  • New purified water ring main with increased raw water feed supply
  • Larger blending vessels
  • Off-road loading and unloading for vehicles
  • Break room where drivers can rest between deliveries
  • Flap stopper for outside drainage
  • Increased office and meeting space
  • Large external storage yard
  • The possibility of generating more jobs
A panorama shot of the inside of ReAgent's new factory

Our new factory boasts 37.5,000 square feet of unlimited possibility. This is nearly triple the amount of space in our current factory across the road.

Increased Manufacturing Space

The new premises measures at 37.5,000 square feet, which is nearly triple the amount of space of our current factory, which is bursting at the seams with products and staff.

We have built and designed this space to account for our expected growth, and to accommodate aspects of our business that we currently cannot provide. For example, we will now be able to offer delivery drivers their own break room where they can have a rest between loadings.

An increase of factory space also means that we can continue manufacturing high quality products in large quantities, allowing us to grow at our current rate without limitation.

Increased Office Space

As well as expanding our manufacturing space, the new premises will also expand our office and meeting areas. This will offer staff and clients a more spacious and private environment.

For example, visiting computer engineers will be able to have their own desk in our dedicated server room which, due to the limitations of our present factory, currently resides in our meeting room.

Our marketing and sales departments will also be brought together into one large open office. This will inspire more engagement between staff and help to improve communication between different areas of the business.

A front facing photo of two side-by-side offices with glass walls and doors

ReAgent’s new factory has increased office and meeting space. Here, on the factory’s first floor, are individual offices, meeting areas, and a server room where our IT manager and visiting computer engineers can have a space to work.

Flap Stopper

We have designed the off-road loading and storage yard to be angled downwards towards our outdoor drainage system. This means that if there is ever a spill, the chemicals will drain towards this point.

We have also built in a flap stopper that will prevent dangerous chemicals from contaminating main drainage systems. When a substance enters our outdoor drains, it will pass through a pH probe. If the substance has a dangerous pH reading, the drains will be blocked off so that the substance does not enter the mains.

This will ensure that no harmful chemicals will be passed into the local sewage systems, rivers or reservoirs. Not only does this eliminate the potential risk of other humans and animals coming into contact with potentially corrosive or toxic substances, it also protects the integrity of the surrounding environment and limits our waste.

A photo taken from the ground of outdoor drainage

The outside storage yard to the rear of the factory has been designed so that the floor slants into our new drainage system. We have also included a flap stopper that prevents harmful chemical spills from entering the mains.

Generating Jobs in the Industry

Expanding our premises does not only come hand-in-hand with expanding our services, but also the potential of staff expansion.

At our current growth rate, and with the new opportunities our larger premises will bring, there is the strong possibility that we will help to generate more jobs in the industry.

Derek and Norma Millard, the founders of ReAgent and grandparents to our current MD, set up this business in 1977 in order to curb the number of job cuts in the chemical industry during the recession. Their desire to create ReAgent was born out of a passion for supplying top quality products, and a commitment to creating more jobs for people.

We are happy that by moving into a new premises, we will be able to follow in their footsteps by continuing to generate more opportunities for workers.

A cardboard moving box with 'ReAgent' written on it; a factory is behind it.

While our factory is moving, our email address and phone number is staying as it is for now! If you are a current client of ours, you will shortly receive an emailed letter outlining any important information. If you are a first-timer, get in touch today to see how we can help you reach your business goals – and remember to check back here for any updates, which will be posted weekly!


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