ReAgent Add’s New Page for Deformulation Services We Offer

28th April 2016

Company News

ReAgent has recently introduced a new service page to our already existing smorgasbord of diverse chemical manufacturing services. We now offer deformulation services to our customers; otherwise known as reverse engineering. 

As a chemical manufacturer with over 35 years experience, we always want to make sure we’re reinventing our services and ensuring customers can get exactly what they want from our vast capabilities. ReAgent are not a dedicated testing laboratory but we do have  over 35 years’ experience in the chemical blending  industry.

We only commit to carrying out deformulation on products which we are then able to manufacture ourselves. We always ensure that an honest and reliable verdict is given on the product in question, and if we feel we are not in a position to help with your specific request, we will always try our best to point you to the right direction.

What is Deformulation?

Deformulation is a process that can be employed to test a product in order to understand the main components of the blend or formulation. This process often starts with a current safety data sheet and a sample of the product in question. It is not always possible to get to a position where the exact composition is understood, this can be due to factors such as time, cost and the availability of specialised analytical equipment.  Once we have carried out our deformulation process we usually send out a sample for evaluation purposes.

Product Deformulation | ReAgent Chemical Services UK Chemical Manufacturing

Why Deformulate?

There are many reasons that customers look to have products deformulated sometimes the original supplier withdraws the product from sale.  Other reasons are changes to legislation which mean the products need to be updated to comply with current regulations or maybe the customers aim is to change the formulation so that it is… read more.

The Next Step…

You can read all about our deformulation services on our dedicated service page. If you’re interested in other services that ReAgent offers then click here for more information.

Our specialist sales team are available to discuss your needs Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm. Get in touch today!