ReAgent Acquires Domain in Private Sale

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

1st June 2017

ReAgent recently obtained the domain name in a private sale after the domain had been taken for the past few years.

For a few years, ReAgent has been attempting to obtain in a private domain sale, in order to future proof our plans for German expansion over the coming 12 months. We finally managed to come to an agreement with the previous registrant of the domain, and began the transfer process.

Current Holding Page used on | ReAgent Chemicals

The attainment of has came in perfect timing as we set out our working plan to expand into Germany using a German-based agent. The website will be a perfect aid to our Agent, Jos. Who will be pushing ReAgent & Resiply products throughout the German market.

In the future, we plan to create a completely German translated version of our current ReAgent UK website. Which will be specifically targeted to potential and existing customers in Germany. This is just one more step in the direction of our European expansion as a whole; which we are working tirelessly to perfect. Whilst Germany is our first step, it certainly won’t be our last. We expect and project great success from our ventures into Germany, that will reflected in other countries we decide to expand into at a later date.


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