ReAgent Confirms Attendance at 2016 SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington DC

Rich Hudson

by Rich Hudson

31st March 2016

Following ReAgent’s visit to Washington DC last week, we are delighted to announce that we’re going back!  We have just been officially notified that our application to attend the SelectUSA Investment Summit in June 2016 has been successful and we are looking forward to this exciting next step in developing our overseas presence.

The SelectUSA Investment Summit is a Prestigious Event

This will be the third Investment Summit held in Washington DC and this year’s theme is “The Innovation Advantage”.  The Summit is aimed at investors from all over the world and will feature investment opportunities from every corner of the United States.  Economic development organisations (EDO’s) from each State will be there, ready to facilitate and spark business interest.  They will be able to display the advantages of their individual locations and connect with international investors at this unique networking event.

ReAgent is currently working on data analysis to help us identify the States in which we are most interested in investing.  This task has been greatly facilitated by liaising with our SelectUSA Senior Investment Specialist Diana Fonovich who has been able to share information with us and provide us with access to the USA Department of Commerce’s huge database of companies in the various chemical sectors.

A Fantastic Opportunity to Network

At last year’s Summit major international firms such as Nissan, Sony, Google and BMW were present but it is interesting to note that many smaller organisations including SME’s and start-ups were also present and have successfully developed their businesses in the USA.  We are confident that this next step will help us in our goal of developing a presence in North America and we are tremendously excited at the prospect.

We don’t yet know who will be hosting this year’s Investment Summit but last year’s host was President Barrack Obama – how exciting would that be!  We’ll keep you posted on developments, meanwhile more information about the Summit can be found here:

There is also a video of highlights from last year’s Summit here:

Check out our earlier blog post ‘ReAgent Meets US Department of Commerce in Washington, DC’ for background information about this project.


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