Part 2 Of ReAgent’s 2015 Business Review!

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

15th January 2016

ReAgent Business Review 2015 Part 2

If you’re a regular reader to the ReAgent blog you’ll remember before Christmas we released Part 1 of ReAgent’s 2015 Year Business Review. We promised to release part 2 in the new year and as always, we’re sticking to our promise! This blog post will outline some of our important events from throughout 2015, showing how we have grown and expanded as a company. 

ReAgent Introduces New Services

Often, we take the time to look through the requests of our customers and we take what we can from those enquiries. We’ve always been a company to invest and believe in the demands of our customers, and make changes to our work ethic based on what we believe will produce the best working relationship between ourselves and our ever growing list of valued customers.

It’s from these meetings and reviews, that occasionally rather large decisions are made on what changes we must make to the services we offer, and that is exactly what has recently happened. In a recent review meeting  between members of our staff, the decision was made to introduce services that have originated from bespoke enquiry requests. Products we have created from individual enquiries gained from businesses across the globe. Bespoke production and manufacturing is one of our most respected services as we consistently prove to our customers that we go the extra mile in order to provide a high quality standard product, customer service through all levels of our business and a cost efficient plan that the customer is truly happy with.

ReAgents New Staff Headshots

We decided to step away from the black and white head shots against a white background and introduce a little more colour to the new staff photos. We felt this was a good move as our staff are friendly and warm people, and they are here to help with your enquiries – black and white is not a suitable colour to represent kindness and support! For the full album of our new staff photos feel free to head over to our Facebook page for the full album.

Example of ReAgent Chemicals company headshots

We worked closely with all of the staff at ReAgent to make sure that they were completely happy with the photographs we produced. Thankfully, the guys loved the photographs!

ReAgent: On Tour at ChemSpec Europe 2015!

ChemSpec is an annual conference that takes places in various counties across the world from year to year, and for the last 30 years it’s been incredibly successful with enthusiasts and professionals of the chemistry industry.

ChemSpec Europe 2015 in Cologne was a great experience for ReAgent. Last year at ChemSpec 2014 we Exhibited from the UK pavilion in Budapest, a shared stand funded and arranged byUKTI for British Businesses to explore exhibiting at the event on a budget. We were impressed by the Event and decided to exhibit from our own stand at ChemSpec 2015. The event attracted many of the industries top companies and provided ReAgent with a platform to promote our activities to high quality potential suppliers and clients.

Rich Hudson, our Managing Director here at ReAgent, along with Simon Tasker, General Manager & Darren Wison, Sales Director, travelled over to Cologne, Germany for the 30th Annual ChemSpec Europe Conference. This fantastic opportunity was celebrated with alot of pre-planning and organising to ensure that our ReAgent exhibit was as impressive and professional as the service we deliver.

100% Quality Mark in Achilles Audit

ReAgent Review Achilles Membership

Following an assessment we have undergone from Achilles, we’ve received a certificate to show we passed a Category A Audit. The audit assessed us on Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality practices and procedures and we were pleased to receive the following marks in our Management System Evaluation:

  • Quality: 100%
  • Environment: 88.7%
  • Health and Safety: 86%

We’re a registered supplier with Achilles. Achilles has an online location where buyers can find a collection of pre-qualified suppliers and it provides a database for companies to browse, in the knowledge that suppliers will be verified to deal in even highly regulated industries such as the pharmaceutical and automotive. If you’re interested in our relationship with Achilles we have a full article on benefits Achilles provides. 

New Mixing Tank at ReAgent

Having won  business with a high level, Blue Chip Company, ReAgent’s continuing commitment to developing and investing in our processes has seen the business recently purchase a new mixing tank and equipment. We’re producing some aqueous blends for the client, and the investment in a new mixing tank will allow us to increase our batch size to 4000L.

The new mixing tank will provide us with a safer, more efficient method of blending the products for our client. An automated water metering system is being installed to enable us to dose the exact amount of water from our deionised water ring main that supplies our factory and is used in all of our blended products in-house. The new tank will dramatically reduce our lead time to the customer for the products in question and will ensure consistent quality throughout the entire order of the product, as it will all be made in one… Read More.

It’s safe to say it’s been a busy year for ReAgent and all of our staff. We can’t wait for what 2016 may bring. If you’ve enjoyed our business review then please feel free to share these posts throughout Twitter and Facebook for colleagues and friends to see. 


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