Norma Millard, Co-founder of ReAgent, Passes Away Aged 92

Rich Hudson

by Rich Hudson

22nd February 2016

Norma Millard, co-founder of ReAgent Chemicals

It is with great sadness I inform you that my grandmother, Norma, passed away on Friday 19th February.  She was 92 years old and is survived by my Granddad, along with 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

Norma was one of the co-founders of ReAgent.  She was an amazing person and will be deeply missed by her family, friends and colleagues, a number of whom are still working at ReAgent today.

You can read about the role my Nan played in the history of ReAgent here:

The details for the funeral are as follows.  Anyone who knew Norma is welcome to attend.

Friday 4th March


Crewe Crematorium
Badger Avenue

My family and I would like to thank everyone for their support at this difficult time.


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