ReAgent’s New Water Plant

Lucy Bell-Young

by Lucy Bell-Young

23rd May 2018

With the move into our new manufacturing facility now complete, ReAgent looks ahead to its next big development: a new water plant that it will increase efficiency, quality and quantity.

As one of the largest suppliers of purified water in the UK, ReAgent is always trying to stay ahead of the game when it comes to purity. This June, we are setting the pace once more with a new water plant that will continue to allow us to grow into the future as a leading supplier of high purity water.

What Will the New Water Plant Include?

The specialists at ReAgent decided to install a new water treatment plant so that we can go above and beyond ourselves by achieving high-spec deionised and purified water system. The new plant will be split into 2 parts:

By creating 2 separate systems, we will be able to manufacture the highest quality water in the most efficient way. We will also be able to fill higher quantities and demands, ensuring that our dedication to exceeding our customers’ expectations never slips.

Deionised Water Ring Main

The deionised water ring main will be used for general production. While it is similar to our old system, it will have several notable improvements. These improvements will allow us to do 2 things: improve efficiency and maintain the highest purity possible by minimising contamination.

A More Efficient Mode of Production

Our new water plant has been fitted with several features that will maximise our overall efficiency:

  • Increased Diameter Pipe: the incoming mains water supply has been increased from a 28mm diameter pipe to a 63mm one. This will triple the volume of water we can process.
  • Maximum Capacity: our new water plant has a maximum capacity of 10,000L per hour. This means we will be able to fill 3 x 25,000L road tankers in one day.

The higher capacity we get from increasing the diameter pipe not only makes our production process more efficient, it also enables us to fulfil larger orders in short spaces of time.

A road tanker pulling out of ReAgent factory

Our new water plant will enable us to fill 3 x 25,000L road tankers in a single day. This means we can fulfil larger orders very quickly.

Higher Purity Water

There were several factors that were incorporated into the design of our new water plant to ensure that the purity of our water was optimised:

  • High Velocity: the new water plant will function at a higher velocity than our old system. This means the water gets polished more and the build-up of biofilm will be reduced.
  • No Dead Legs: there will be no long pipes in our new plant that prevent water from recirculating. This will minimise impurities and bacterial growth.
  • UV Treatment: as well as a higher capacity for volume, there will also be a higher capacity UV treatment. This helps to control bacterial contamination.
  • Spray Balls: the water storage vessels will be fitted with spray balls. These prevent condensation (and its bacterial by-product) from forming inside the tanks.
  • Conical Base: unlike our old system, the main water storage tank will have a conical base. This means we can drain the tank periodically without leaving any residue behind.

High Purity Water Ring Main

The second system is comprised of a high purity water ring main, and it is entirely new. This will be used in the production of high purity products.

It will be fed directly from the deionised water ring main. This means it will benefit from everything above, as well as going one step further in the purification process. It will pass through:

  • Reverse Osmosis: when not in use, this will recirculate the water back to the storage tank. This results in the further cleaning and increased quality of the water
  • A Second UV Filter: this will ensure that ultra-purity is achieved by eliminating traces of impurities

This system will have an output of 1,000L per hour and will be able to produce much higher quality water than we have ever been capable of producing.

An empty factory floor at ReAgent where the new water plant will be

Our new 38,000 square foot manufacturing facility has given us the space we needed to expand our services and to continue growing at our current rate.

As leading suppliers of deionised, distilled and ultrapure water, it is important for us to constantly look for ways to improve. Once our new water plant is up and running, we will be able to continue excelling in the services we offer – including our commitment to you.


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