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Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

7th April 2016

We’ve recently been working closely with John Stafford, managing director of Resiply. A company that provides a solution to pavement pointing that has been missing in the industry for a long time. We recently spoke with John to discuss the prospects of filming a video testimonial with him.

A Working Relationship to be Proud Of

ReSiply’s fantastic product, Residual allows people with little to no knowledge of pavement pointing complete the task on their own property with minimal experience and effort, the product is guaranteed to last a long time and is extremely resilient to the harsh weather conditions we experience here in the UK. ReAgent’s sales team has been working closely with John to help manufacture his product on a larger scales, making use of our services of dedicated mixing tanks to produce his product on a larger scale – which has allowed him to expand his customer base and make deals with more suppliers across the UK.

John seems to be very happy with the service being provided by ReAgent so we thought it would be great to get John in and say a few words about his business and his relationship with ReAgent. He was more than happy to get behind the camera and begin to discuss how we have managed to help him throughout the past few months.

“I have formed an excellent relationship with ReAgent over the past few month, I find the team very easy to work with and I can only see our working relationship develop as time progresses”

John Stafford, Managing Director, Resiply LTD

We hope to begin putting the video together for John over the coming days – and like to think that this will help John spread the word about Resiply aswell as showing people how a strong, working relationship with ReAgent can help increase manufacturing for your business and turn out a much higher production and distribution rate.

Previous Video Testimonial

You may remember a while about we produced a video testimonial from another customer, Ubichem Business Services Coordinator, Sarah Ross came down and met with our marketing team to produce a short video.


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