New: ReAgent’s Company History Video

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

1st July 2020

Our new company history video explores ReAgent from when it was founded almost 50 years ago, and looks at how we have become a third generation family business.

ReAgent's founder, Derek Millard

Our founder, Derek Millard, in ReAgent’s first factory

ReAgent was founded in 1977 by Derek Millard, who worked in a standards lab at ICI. Derek realised that he could supply this standards lab much more effectively than it was being supplied at the time, and the idea for ReAgent was born.

Since then, Derek’s son-in-law, Steve Hudson, and his grandson, Rich Hudson, have taken over at ReAgent. Rich is the current CEO, making it a third generation family business.

Watch our company history video

Recently, Derek, Steve, and Rich got together to discuss ReAgent, from how it started all the way through to the present day, how it’s changed, and their different approaches to running a chemical manufacturing company.

Behind the scenes of a family business

As you’ll see in the video, Derek, Steve and Rich discuss what was and what is most important to them about running a business. A common thread is that they all want every employee to be happy in their job, and to provide people with opportunities.

As Rich says, “I don’t just want to be a runaway success with the company if people that work here are miserable, that to me would feel like failure. I think that if we can keep the culture we have of being a family business of looking after people and caring about people, as we grow I think that would just be awesome for everyone involved.”

They also took the time to walk around our factory, and while we’ve only moved across the road from the first premises Derek bought, we’ve moved forwards in leaps and bounds in terms of innovation, cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, space, and size. 

Behind the scenes of a family business

The final word is with our founder, Derek Millard, who says, “I think that ReAgent now is just astonishing. I can hardly believe how it’s developed.”


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