New Mixing Tank at ReAgent

Simon Tasker

by Simon Tasker

13th April 2015

The Latest News: New Mixing Tank

Having won recent business with a high level, Blue Chip Company, ReAgent’s continuing commitment to developing and investing in our processes has seen the business recently purchase a new mixing tank and equipment.

We’re producing some aqueous blends for the client, and the investment in a new mixing tank will allow us to increase our batch size to 4000L.

Our engineering contractors AJC Engineering have built a bespoke tank cradle and work platform to allow us easy and safe access into monitoring, dosing and decanting each product. Our mixing equipment suppliers worked alongside AJC to provide the correct mixing solution for maximum efficiency.

A new extraction has been fitted to ensure any fumes from the blends that are produced are safely removed from the working area of the operators.

Benefits of the New Mixing Tank


The first half of the arrival of our new mixing tank

The new mixing tank will provide us with a safer, more efficient method of blending the products for our client. An automated water metering system is being installed to enable us to dose the exact amount of water from our deionised water ring main that supplies our factory and is used in all of our blended products in-house.

The new tank will dramatically reduce our lead time to the customer for the products in question and will ensure consistent quality throughout the entire order of the product, as it will all be made in one batch.

The new tank has been installed in Unit 18 in the ReAgent factory and we’re also anticipating the arrival of new huge tank for another key customer of ours very soon.

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