New Lighting Installed In ReAgent Factory Unit

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

4th February 2016

Since ReAgent began trading in 1977 , we’ve always had problems with lighting in one of our factory units. This problem has never cause any major issues, but has always been noticeable to say the least. Anybody walking through the factory would notice the difference in brightness between the three units we own. So it was about time that we had new lighting installed to brighten up the place and make the area slightly more comfortable for our workers. 

Whilst the lighting in the factory has never caused any issues with our staff or any other workers, we always felt that at some point we would need to replace the lighting. It’s not until recently we noticed that some of the tubes in the lights had started to die out, so we took the opportunity to completely replace all of the lighting and improve the experience in the factory in one big swoop.

As you all know, we’re very keen on our video production and photography capabilities here at ReAgent, which speaks tonnes when you consider there aren’t many  pictures or videos recorded in the middle unit. This is purely down to the fact that the lighting has never been adequate for filming. You can see from the picture below just how much dull the factory unit used to look.

Warehouse Old Lighting (1 of 2)

New Lighting has Made a Huge Difference

The new lighting was installed within the previous week, and with work still being completed on the lights, it’s clear that there is still improvement to come. But for now, we can already see a massive improvement to the environment in the unit. You can see from the pictures below just how much of a difference the lighting has made.

New Lighting at ReAgent Factory unit

Whilst the factory may not look very tidy at the minute, the new lighting certainly makes a huge improvement as soon as you walk in!

Warehouse New Lighting (4 of 5)

New Lighting at ReAgent Factory unit

Some lighting is still being installed in the factory, which means there is only due to be more improvement!

Our next steps are to get improved lighting across the other units we operate in, but this is not an emergency procedure and will take place over the upcoming 12 months. Stay tuned!


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