ReAgent’s New Landing Page for European Expansion

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

30th July 2015

You may remember back in February of this year we released a blog post showcasing a simple holding page we developed for the website. Well, we’ve been busy bee’s since then and we’ve took our European expansion one step further. We’re one step closer to world domination! Works on Smart Phones

Just like all websites owned by ReAgent, our website works perfectly well with any screen size, so our customers can access the site anywhere and everywhere.

New ReAgent Landing Page

We’ve created a new website for to better help our foreign customers navigate through our many European hosted websites and easily contact our sales team for services in their own countries. The new website was created by Darren, our marketing manager and has been developed with enhanced functionality to improve users experience during their time on the website. The simple website will give you a breakdown of European countries in which we have, or are planning on having our full website hosted on local servers. Which means faster website load times depending on the country of enquiry.

European Holding Pages

As well as the development of this new website, we have also developed a new holding page for websites hosted in EU countries that do not yet have the full ReAgent website, such as we do in Denmark, for example. We’re fast, but we’re not super fast! This is a work in progress and you can be sure that we will keep you updated once the full websites have taken over the current holding pages. The new European countries that we have expanded our website into are FranceBelgiumSpain.

The extension of our website across European countries is a great step forward for ReAgent and our plans for wide spread deployment of our services across all of Europe!

Richard Hudson, Managing Director

French Holding Page Mockup

Our new holding page in place on our French domain ready for the upload of the full ReAgent website.

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