New Business Plan Unveiled

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

17th February 2014

Recently, the team at ReAgent have been putting their heads together to decide what they want the future to look like, and an ambitious business plan was unveiled to the rest of the employees in December.

Big plans don’t just happen overnight. We are looking ahead to the next four years and striving to develop across so many vital areas. We have the potential to continuously expand and you can bet we are setting our sights high.

Managing Director of ReAgent, Richard Hudson, proudly displaying the business plan

Managing Director of ReAgent, Richard Hudson, proudly displaying the business plan

A Brewing Ambition

Since ReAgent was established in 1977, we have served an endless supply of industries, including the aerospace, automotive and water industries. We aim to use the solid roots we’ve created to help us to branch out and serve even more businesses, so that others can take advantage of our services.

Some particular industries that we’re excited to be able to cater for are the food and pharmaceutical industries. We plan to have a ‘clean room’ installed in our Unit 18 by the end of this year, and this investment will mean we will have the facilities to manufacture food-safe products. By 2016, we hope food repackaging will be an integrated part of our business.

A United Team

Our employees are like the wheels of a clock that keep the company ticking properly and it’s vital that they’re as strong and ambitious as the company itself. With this in mind, we will be developing skills through further training across all of our sectors, which will lead to more efficiency when creating and delivering high-quality products to customers.

As well as this, we plan to employ around an additional five people per year over the next two years. The growth to our team will be vital to help us carry the increasing workload.

A Global Presence

One of our aims is to get ourselves known across the map and notably emerge over Europe and the United States, and our business plan suggests that this is achievable by 2017. In order to boost our international profile, we will attend events across the globe. By 2016, we hope to exhibit ourselves at these events, because we feel it’s not fair to hide ReAgent from the rest of the world.

Next year, we hope to win two awards and even more in the following years. It would be fantastic to see our expertise shining through an awards cabinet and reflecting our abilities.

“I’m sure I speak for the whole team when I say we’re very excited to watch ReAgent continue to grow and work towards developing so many aspects of the company. We are on the right tracks to realising our vision of becoming a global presence, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for ReAgent.”
– Richard Hudson, Managing Director.

With continued dedication and creativity, we are looking ahead to 2017 and on the journey there, expanding to previously unattainable sectors and making our mark in the chemical industry worldwide.


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