Meet John Rankin: Customer Service Representative

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

11th December 2014

John Rankin joined ReAgent in 2014 as a Customer Service Representative. His extensive experience in Customer Service made him a welcome addition to the Sales team and he spends most of his time with a cup of tea, chatting on the phone with customers.

What were you doing before you joined ReAgent?

I was a store manager for EE in Winsford but I worked all over the country. I was doing that for nine years. I started off as a 12 hour temp just working 11-3 a few days a week, and then they offered me a full-time job and I worked my way up.

How did you end up working at ReAgent?

I’ve got three kids that I wasn’t able to see much – due to working in retail, I was working weekends, holidays and things like that. I needed a role that was Monday-Friday but also something I could transfer my skills across to.

I applied for the job at ReAgent because it was a brand-new role where I could still use the Customer Service skills I had gained at my previous job. I saw an ad online, applied for it, got an interview and then was offered the job.

What’s your role here?

I’m a Customer Service Representative. My job is to answer the phone to customers and deal with any queries. I contact customers and follow-up on quotes, as well as emailing customers for visits from the Sales Director and Sales Manager.

I’ve started projects on my own that Darren [Sales Director] has agreed to. This includes contacting haulage companies that do tankers and I’ve also been speaking to a major supermarket chain about providing deionised water for their forklift trucks.

How are you finding your role?

It’s totally different to what I’m used to. All of my previous jobs have been customer-facing, standing up on shop floors. Being office-based is quite different but it’s nice. I work with nice people as well so that makes it easier.

What skills/qualifications are you gaining?

John Ranking from ReAgent doing CPR training

John and Steve at CPR and defibrillator training

I can use a de-fib now! In my interview, Darren said that ReAgent do always promote learning new skills and they can help you go through college and do courses.

Graham [Systems Manager] has highlighted that I could start doing audits because I used to do these at EE. I will be working towards some new qualifications; I don’t like to stay at the bottom, I like to work my way up and learn new things. People keep telling me to slow down because I’m asking so many questions!

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