WATCH What our Marketing Department Achieved in 1 Working Day! Bob, Laboratory Technician

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

9th October 2015

Last week I posted about a challenge that had been set to us by Rich, our Managing Director. The challenge was fairly simple: Plan, Film, Edit & Produce a ReAgent company video within one working day. It was a great challenge and whilst we had an absolute ball filming and editing, we were also very strict on time and wanted to excel at the challenge.

“Meet Bob Hughes – Laboratory Technician at ReAgent”

I won’t talk for ages about the complexities of making a video within just one day, but let’s just say,  it was a very busy day! The final product was focused on Bob Hughes, a ReAgent Laboratory Technician who has served at ReAgent since 1998! He has some great stories about his time here, and shares a cracking story during this short video. So if you want to learn what it’s like to be a laboratory technician at a Chemical Manufacturing company like ReAgent, see what Bob has to say below!

Bob explains how his time at ReAgent has been an extremely pleasant journey, making good friends and having a good laugh. As well as getting his work completed to an exceptional standard, he outlines the importance of having a “bit of a laugh” at work – on those gloomy winter monday mornings there would be nothing worse than coming into a work place with team members you don’t enjoy working with; that isn’t the case at ReAgent. 


Bob Hughes is a long serving Laboratory Technician at ReAgent. He thinks that the future looks bright and rosy for ReAgent and that we have an exciting time ahead of us.

“I think that the future looks bright and rosy for the company, and hopefully that will last for a long, long time” 

Bob Hughes, Laboratory Technician, ReAgent

Bob had first viewing of this video, and we informed him that unless he was happy with the final product, we wouldn’t push it live – Thankfully, Bob seen the final version and was extremely pleased with the final outcome. Now an internet superstar on the shop floor, Bob is looking to make his name in the spotlight in Hollywood… look out Clooney, Bob’s coming.

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