Manchester Science Festival Invitation

Rich Hudson

by Rich Hudson

16th October 2012

Just a quick update to let you know I have been invited to the VIP launch party of Manchester Science Festival.

There is a good video on YouTube explaining what Manchester Science Festival is:

I’ve been invited because ReAgent, is a corporate sponsor of the Science Museum Group, which includes the Museum Of Science and Industry (or ‘MOSI’ as people refer to it) along with a number of other places including the Science Museum in London.

Here is a brief itinerary for the Launch Party:

  • 6.00pm – Welcome bubbly and canapés
  • 6.30pm – Speech from MOSI Director and invited guest speaker
  • 6.50pm – An evening of exciting performances and activities related to the 2012 Festival, along with networking opportunities
  • 8.00pm – Tour of the ‘Wasted Works’ Exhibition – to celebrate the opening of The Wasted Works Exhibition, as part of Manchester Science Festival 2012, Artist Gina Czarnecki will be delivering two 30 minute tours during the launch evening


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