Making Pharmaceuticals: Why visiting events will make you smarter

Simon Tasker

by Simon Tasker

6th May 2014

Making Pharmaceuticals

When April was nearing its close, ReAgent managed to fit in a visit to another event, as this is something we’ve taken a strong interest in lately.

This time, we attended Making Pharmaceuticals 2014. The event was held at the NMM Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

Making Pharmaceuticals is a UK event dedicated to the complex issues associated with sourcing, manufacturing, outsourcing and delivering consistent pharmaceutical products to the market. In short, the event focuses on every stage of manufacturing pharmaceuticals “from research to finished product”.

In a similar way to the Making Cosmetics event, Making Pharmaceuticals is set up to allow industry professionals to gather together to discuss key issues and learn about market trends and future predictions.

“Those attending will leave wiser on issues affecting the industry now and in the future.”

Our Experience

Being the sociable type of company we are, ReAgent got stuck in at the event to take advantage of this great networking opportunity. We’ve found at other events that effective networking can open up new avenues and trigger concepts for developing our business.

We enjoyed meeting up with other members of the BCMPA, as it’s great to catch up and share ideas. We also spoke to a company that specialises in water equipment who has agreed to work with us to maintain and develop our water– one of our most popular products.

We’re excited about another new contact we made – Bouygues – that is going to help us move forward into new and exciting developments. Bouygues offers services that include consulting/contracting, facility management, infrastructure services and energy management.

We won’t give away too much information, but keep checking back to our blog and social media pages to make sure you don’t fall behind on ReAgent’s news.

The Importance of Attending Events

At ReAgent, we class industry events as a high priority. We’ve always gained valuable knowledge from past events, and advise companies of all sizes to show their faces at as many relevant events as possible.

Whether it’s gaining contacts to work with in the future, or listening to professionals talk about their own experience, you’re always going to come away that bit more tuned into the main topics of your industry. The insights you gain will give you the chance to study your own company and see where improvements can be made.

Making Pharmaceuticals provided tips to help improve manufacturing processes, address product formulation, deliver consistent product quality, enhance efficiency, amongst others. It was perfect for brands in the pharmaceutical industry that are involved in contract services, as we had to opportunity to look for outsourcing options.

Dr Janet Worrell, on Making Pharmaceuticals’ website, speaks highly of the event and says that “those attending will leave wiser on issues affecting the industry now and in the future.”


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