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Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

2nd February 2015

What’s the Update?

We wanted to tell you about a new landing page we’ve set up, which you can find on It’s a clear page that visitors can arrive on and browse the selection of new websites we’ve recently built.

Visitors to the page can see all of our websites in one simple navigation and be directed to their own country’s site, so they can continue to browse our services and get in touch with us.


The simple landing page you’ll find at

Why have we set up the Landing Page?

On the landing page, you will find links to the new websites we recently set up that are hosted in different countries throughout the EU. We now have 14 chemical manufacturing websites to cater for European customers.

We made this move as part of a brand new project that will see us expanding across Europe and offering our chemical manufacturing services to new countries.

You’ll notice that most of our websites are presented in the English language, apart from one of the Netherlands sites. This is because we chose to translate our website into Dutch during the first phase of our international expansion and found that we were still receiving many enquiries in English, as this is such a widely spoken language across the world. will serve as a multi-national, generic landing page for any visitor that may or may not have come across our company before. They will easily be able to locate their desired site and browse our services.

We can’t wait to receive some enquiries from Latvia, Poland, Belgium and the rest of our target countries! It will be interesting to find out what the demand for chemicals is in places other than the UK. If we find that we’re receiving lots of enquiries in one particular language, then you can expect some news about another exciting website translation!

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