Infographic: Chemical Calculations

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

28th October 2014

Chemical Calculations

We put together an infographic to examine some complex chemical calculations.

We used comparisons from chemicals and packaging we sell at ReAgent to show the sheer size of some places and objects we’re all familiar with. For example, do you know how many IBC’s of deionised water it would take to fill Loch Ness in Scotland?

We also looked at time frames here at the factory. Our machinery means we can be efficient when we’re presented with high-quantity jobs. In fact, in the time it would take you to watch every episode of Countdown so far back-to-back, we could fill 3.5 million sachets!

infographics-chemical-calculations (3)

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The infographic is intended for comparison purposes only. We’re not suggesting you drink buffer solutions, nor should you fill your fish tank with 32,000 ampoules of denatured alcohol

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