Improved Security Features on

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

24th August 2017

The work we’ve put into rebuilding the new website on has spanned over the last 12 months, and has largely focused on improved security features and stepping up to the next level of trust with our customers.

A Breakdown of Security Features

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

We’ve already briefly discussed in a previous post about the decision we made to implement a much more secure level of security on our website. We understand the importance of security for our online presence, which is why we took the time to invest in the correct implementation of the SSL Certificate that is used on our website. For those who don’t know, an SSL Certificate is a layer of security that is added to a website that provides a higher level of data encryption in the background of the website. This allows users to securely connect to a website using a ‘secure’ protocol, hence HTTP(S)

When you visit our Chemicals website and notice the HTTPS in the address bar, it shows that you can put your trust in our website & order process. Now, it’s not exactly difficult for any website to implement one of the SSL Certificates. Which is why we decided to go one step further. You see, on we have implemented an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, which means that we have a much higher level of security encryption than most websites you will find. You can see this live on our website in the address bar.Extended Validation SSL on

The Extended Validation SSL Certificate means our website and business has been verified by GeoTrust, one of the leading digital certificate providers for the UK.

Google reCAPTCHA Form Protection

For those who regularly browse online, you may have noticed a tick box that is displayed on websites when you’re entering a form. Be it a contact form, account details or email address fields when placing an order, these tick boxes controlled by Google regularly show up. They’re there to ensure the security and protection of not only the users details, but the businesses website infrastructure.

Googles reCAPTCHA has been implemented on

This ‘tick box’ also called reCAPTCHA was created by Google and was designed to eliminate malicious spam that is sent through a website that could potentially infect a website and the information stored on that site, such as customer details.

These new security features have been put in place to ensure the security of our website infrastructure as well as the information stored on our server by our customers. We hope you enjoyed this informative post about our new website.


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