How to Save Energy in the Workplace

Graham Bayliss

by Graham Bayliss

2nd March 2015

Hopefully, you managed to catch last week’s post about recycling at ReAgent. This week, we’re keeping our focus on ways we do our best for the environment and are discussing how we adopt procedures throughout the workforce to continue to save energy each day.

We do everything we can to ensure we keep lighting, heating, electricity-use, fuel-use and water consumption to a minimum. Here’s how we do it, and how anyone can use these simple ways to save energy in the workplace.

Reduce the use of Lighting

In the offices at ReAgent, we have installed energy-saving lights with florescent tubes to save energy during the working day.

The use of lighting is controlled by being turned off overnight and whenever the premises or a single room isn’t being used. We’ve also added instructional signs next to light switches to remind people to turn off the lights when they’re not needed.

Keep Heating to a Minimum


We save energy by controlling the amount of heating that’s used during the day.

The heating in the main factory units is all controlled by thermostat and is only activated during working day hours. We physically set the temperature on the thermostat to accommodate the working day, to ensure we’re not wasting energy overnight.

Throughout the cold winter months, we keep all doors closed wherever possible to keep the heat inside. We set the heaters to reasonable levels so staff can work in comfortable conditions without overindulging in the amount of heating we use.

We’ve also insulated the roof space so we’re able to use less heating to keep the rooms warm.

Save on Fuel

We often go out on the road visiting customers and making deliveries. For these purposes, we always use a Satnav in our vehicles, so we don’t get lost and don’t waste fuel on the journey.

Our vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced to keep them in good working order.

Use only the Necessary Electricity

Our processes in the factory use minimal electricity. We have no high-power equipment – we only use very simple plug-in equipment.

All our electrical equipment is checked annually for its condition to ensure it’s working properly and we’re not wasting any electrical energy.


ReAgent’s business plan illuminated by energy-saving light bulbs.

Reduce Water Consumption

We have a discharge consent which tells us how much water we can use, based on a 24-hour day. This provides each employee with an individual water allowance per 24 hours and includes things like using taps.

Our biggest use of water is the water that goes into products. This takes mains water and goes through the water treatment plant to give us purified water. The amount of wastage from the water treatment plant is virtually nil; any water that isn’t used just gets circulated around the factory all day and is only taken when people need it.

We also don’t have any affluent going to the drain. As part of our processes, we don’t flush water to drain, making sure we don’t waste any water that way.

Let us know the techniques you use in the workplace to save energy and water. We’re always willing to improve our processes in ways that could benefit the environment.


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