How does REACH Impact at ReAgent?

Simon Tasker

by Simon Tasker

9th February 2012

Having recently given an explanation of REACH we thought it was logical to follow with a description of how REACH legislation impacts on ReAgent.

Technically, ReAgent is not classified as a manufacturer of chemical substances because we are more concerned with the production of chemical mixtures.  Therefore we do not have to register products under REACH.  However, we must still comply with REACH when it comes to communication of information within the supply chain.  We must inform our suppliers of all intended uses of chemical substances so these can be compared with the registered uses provided by the manufacturer.  Another obligation of ReAgent is to provide Safety Data Sheets (these are also referred to as SDS, Material Safety Data Sheets and MSDS) to customers down the supply chain.  Information contained within the Safety Data Sheets should be consistent with that of a dossier specified by the REACH regulations.

For further information on REACH we recommend consulting the Health and Safety Executive website or the European Chemicals Agency.  This information was correct at the time of writing.  We cannot be held responsible for accuracy of the information on our or anyone else’s website.


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