How Being A Science Museum Corporate Partner Can Benefit Your Company

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

5th February 2020

The Science Museum in London opened its doors in 1857 as the South Kensington Museum, sharing space with what we now know as the V&A. It became the Science Museum in its own right in 1909, and since then has expanded across the country with locations in York, Bradford, Manchester, and Durham.

ReAgent has been a corporate partner of the Science Museum since 2012. We are proud to support an institution whose aim is to inspire generations of the future to understand science and technology, and encourage them to innovate and take scientific and technological advances even further. 

As a company that needs employees with excellent STEM-related (science, technology, engineering, and maths) skills, we want to play our part in ensuring that children and adults alike are aware of the crucial role that these skills have in the future good of our planet.

5 benefits of being a Science Museum corporate partner 

While the main motivation for ReAgent being a corporate partner is to give something back to the scientific community, there are also clear commercial benefits for supporting the Science Museum as a corporate partner:

  1. Consumers increasingly expect businesses to stand for something and demonstrate their integrity, rather than just selling products. A corporate partnership with the Science Museum shows that your company is committed to helping solve some of today’s greatest scientific challenge
  2. You can directly show millions of visitors each year how innovative your business is and engage with them to increase brand awareness
  3. Events at the Science Museum allow you to network and create relationships with like-minded businesses (and meet scientists like Professor Brian Cox!)
ReAgent's CEO, Richard Hudson, and Professor Brian Cox

ReAgent’s CEO, Richard Hudson, and Professor Brian Cox at a Science Museum event

4. You can use space at the Science Museum – and the Science Museum’s other locations around the country such as SIM (Science & Industry Museum) in Manchester – for customer and employee events, occasions, training days, and meetings, etc.

5. Corporate partnership can help you achieve related business objectives in creative and tangible ways. It provides a credible platform for businesses to speak to their stakeholders.

ReAgent’s level of corporate partnership with the Science Museum means we get recognition on their website and a plaque in the museum itself, as well as the opportunity to attend events and a fascinating quarterly magazine. There are various levels of partnership, each of which provides different opportunities. It’s definitely worth contacting the Science Museum to find out more

Science Museum donor board

The Science Museum donor board

ReAgent on the Science Museum donor board

ReAgent on the Science Museum donor board

“We believe it’s essential to give back to the community we work in, which is why we’re proud to be a corporate partner of the Science Museum as well as making financial and physical donations to great charities like Chemistry with Cabbage and the Catalyst Museum.” Rich Hudson, ReAgent’s CEO


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