ReAgent Begins Production on Health & Safety Training Videos

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

21st April 2016

The marketing team at ReAgent have been working with our health and safety coordinators to produce a series of training videos that can be used internally for any new staff who needs to learn the ropes of health and safety procedures at ReAgent. 

Efficient & Practical Training Videos

We made the decision that preparing detailed and thorough videos showing various aspects of the health and safety procedures we employ would be a suitable way to inform new and existing employees of our methods. When new members of staff are employed at ReAgent, our Systems Manager, Graham Bayliss introduces them to our standard operating procedures that are relevant to their job role and workspace.

All of the videos we produce highlighting workplace aspects will still require extensive one on one training with various members of staff, but as a brief introduction or a ‘recap’ on the subject, the videos should serve an extremely useful purpose within the training systems here at ReAgent.

A selection of training videos we will produce:

  • Forklift Health and Safety – A brief look into the cause of forklift incidents and appropriate safety procedures that can help to avoid these incidents.
  • Spill Kits, Hazardous and Non-hazardous – We will outline the equipment that will be used by trained members of staff during a chemical or non-chemical spill situation.
  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) – Ensuring that staff are equipped with the correct protective equipment when dealing with various situations is something we take extremely serious, videos outlining this will be extremely detailed.
A still from our recent Health and Safety Training Video

A still from our recent Health and Safety Training Video

These videos will prove extremely useful not just to new staff, but also existing staff who wish to undergo a recap on the various procedures that are employed throughout ReAgent.

Videos Provide Multiple Uses, Internally and Externally

In the event of a factory and workplace audit, which happens often at ReAgent, the videos can be shown as an example of our constant strive to improve the knowledge of our workforce.. The videos will also be featured on our YouTube channel; in which potential customers or prospecting employees can see the incredibly detailed extent we go to in-order to maintain high levels of health and safety in the ReAgent workplace.

More of these training videos are being filmed and edited as we speak, and due to the extent of our operations, there are many areas we need to cover, so expect much more video activity on our YouTube channel over the coming months.

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