Health and Safety Training Video Series from ReAgent

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

17th February 2016

Health and Safety Is a Top Priority at ReAgent

Just from having a quick glance over the past few years, it’s safe to say that we’re particularly keen when it comes to using video production to promote our expert services. 

We’ve decided that rather than focusing our video production on promoting services and products alone, we would shift some focus onto more internal use. Working closely with Graham Bayliss, our Systems Manager to produce videos that outline the Health and Safety precautions that we take here at ReAgent.

Over the past few years the amount of staff that have been employed at ReAgent has massively increased, which means more time is to be spent training them up individually and introducing them to the systems used internally by the staff at ReAgent on a day to day basis. The videos that we are going to be filming over the coming weeks will explain these systems as well as other aspects of information that we feel are beneficial to new employees.

Health and Safety Videos from our Systems Manager, Graham Bayliss

The video series will show our systems manager, Graham Bayliss demoing some of the products we use to clean up and contain spills on our factory floor.

The Plan of Attack

We want to create short, informative and interesting videos that aim to easily explain to new employees the systems we have in place at ReAgent. This includes highlighting the rules of procedure in the event of emergencies in the factory, such as chemical spills (either dangerous, or non-dangerous) and how one should react to various events in the factory and offices if they occur.

We recently shot the first video in the series over the past week, and we are looking to film tonnes more of interesting content over the coming days. The first video focus’ on the tools and items we use to deal with a liquid spill in the factory, this can be chemical or just liquid such as water etc. Any spill in our factory is regarded as an emergency and must be cleaned immediately,  even if it poses no immediate threat to those working around it (excluding the possibility of slipping).

The first video see’s Graham explaining different products we use and how we best deal with a spill. The content of this video can give an insight into the tools you may want to consider purchasing if you’re looking to upgrade your spill kit. So keep an eye out for the video to be posted on our website and YouTube channels.

Will These Videos Be Available to the Public?

Absolutely, we will be uploading all of the videos we shoot onto our YouTube channel for anybody to watch. These are mainly going to be used internally for new staff, and factory audits; however we want to ensure that any body with an interest to, has the ability to watch the videos and gain an informative insight into our level of expertise when it comes to health and safety in the workplace.

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