Health and Safety in the Workplace: New Racking Installed

Graham Bayliss

by Graham Bayliss

22nd August 2014

ReAgent is committed to providing a safe working environment. If we don’t stay on top of health and safety in the workplace, we may be exposed to a number of potential dangers; as we’re immersed in both a chemical and a manufacturing environment.

We recently had new safety showers installed as a health and safety measure, and we have up-to-date knowledge about First Aid in a chemical laboratory

This year, we also opted to have new racking in Unit 17 installed. Our previous racking had been around almost as long as ReAgent has (since the 1970’s!) and so they weren’t considered to be as safe as they could be. There were issues with hooks on the end of beams which link into uprights – some were missing which meant the loading capacity had to be lowered, as it wasn’t considered safe to fully load the beams.

As well as this, the old beams were worn and damaged at the ends. We went for new beams and have seen benefits stretching beyond health and safety.

The new beams are in better condition and much more sturdy. They are similar in structure to the previous ones, but are a lot safer and lighter. New racking was purchased which includes a safety mesh and pillar protection, to keep the racking upright even when machinery and forklift trucks come into contact with it.

In addition to enhanced safety, we have gained space for around 25 extra pallets, increasing our storage space and therefore productivity.

We appreciate when it’s necessary to make investments in the workplace, whether it benefits health and safety or productivity. Unfortunately, we’ve seen incidents occur at other workplaces that echo the importance of safe storage racking…


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