Have You Seen Our New Product Images?

Lucy Bell-Young

by Lucy Bell-Young

16th October 2018

Recently, you may have noticed something different about our online chemical shop. Over the last few months, the design team at ReAgent has been busy creating new product images in order to breathe some fresh air into our online store.

3D Rendered Product Images

All of our old product images have recently been replaced with high-quality, 3D renders, all created by our very own Head of Creative, Darren Langton.

The new images give a more accurate and aesthetic depiction of the various packaging materials and pack sizes we offer. We hope that these will not only improve the user experience of our website but also provide our customers with a better idea of exactly what they will be getting when they order from us.

A 3D render scene of ReAgent's different packaging and pack sizes

The new product images featured on our chemical shop replace the older photos in order to make your online experience as easy and accurate as possible.

A Range of Options

The scope of ReAgent’s packaging options is huge. Encompassing a variety of different materials and sizes, we ensure that your business needs are being met, no matter how specific they may be. Some of the packaging options we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • 200L Drums: depending on the individual requirements of your product or business, we can supply these in stainless steel, metal and even highly durable plastic.
  • 1000L IBCs: when you buy in bulk, your product is protected by HDPE Intermediate Bulk Containers that are hard-wearing and supported by a metal frame.
  • 5ml – 1L Bottles: the range of sizes our bottles come in are perfect for samples of products or even test kits. Our bottles can either be made from HDPE or glass, depending on the needs of your product.
  • 5L – 25L Jerricans: ReAgent supplies jerricans that are made from HDPE, making them able to hold a range of chemicals, including hazardous ones. When you buy in 25L jerricans, you can also choose whether you want it to have a tap or vented cap.
  • 0 – 100ml/0 – 100g Sachets: if you’re looking for an easily disposable packaging material, our sachet packets are the perfect option and can be designed however you like.
  • 0 – 2ml Ampoules: our glass ampoules are hermetically sealed and are ideal for single-use liquid products. We even supply glass ampoules to medical programmes across the UK.

Branded Packaging

As well as giving you a choice of materials and sizes, ReAgent also lets you customise your own labelling so that your product is perfectly aligned with your brand image.

If you would like to find out more information on what kind of packaging service we offer, you can visit this page on our website or contact a member of staff today.

4 small and empty glass vials on a white countertop

ReAgent supplies a range of chemicals in a range of packaging options and pack sizes. From 1,000L IBCs to tiny glass vials, we have the packaging solution for every business.

With constant renovations made to our site, including updated product images, ReAgent’s online chemical store is growing every day so that your buying experience is made as easy as possible.


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