Factory Move Update: The Final Fit-Out

Lucy Bell-Young

by Lucy Bell-Young

11th April 2018

ReAgent are in the process of moving into our new factory. Standing at 38,000 square feet, our new premises has been fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment and features that meet our specifications so that we can better serve our customers’ requirements.

We are entering our final 3 weeks of moving factory, and things are getting very exciting. With the upcoming installation of our new water plant and the final bits of office furniture being put in place, our 2 year project is finally coming to an end.

We’ve already told you about the built-to-spec renovations and eco-friendly features, but as with everything at ReAgent, there is so much more! Here’s a look at some of the works behind the final fit-out of our new factory.

ReAgent's new offices

Kitting Out the Lab

We have ensured that our new laboratory has been installed with top-of-the-line facilities so that our rigorous quality control is efficient as possible.

The bright LED ceiling lights ensure that the lab is as light as possible. The central island provides a useful amount of shelf storage for various products, and the window that overlooks the factory adds an extra element of inclusivity for our employees.

The walls of the lab are lined with spacious countertops to maximise efficiency, and the sinks have been fitted with an overflow drain.

Lastly, and perhaps the most minutely, the cupboards fitted in the lab open all the way so that they are flat against the adjacent units. While this may sound like the smallest of details, it’s an extra little bonus that ensures efficiency and safety when handling products.

An overflow sink in ReAgent's new lab

The walls of the lab are lined with counter-tops to maximise space and efficiency. We have also had overflow sinks built in that are supplied by our raw water feed.

The Cherry On Top

As well as an increased manufacturing facility, our new premises has also provided us with more office and meeting space. We have ensured that these areas provide a vibrant working environment for our staff, and a professional atmosphere for our customers and clients. Now, finally, we get to put the cherry on top of our office and meeting spaces by putting all the new furniture in place.

The large open office boasts deep and spacious wooden desks with dividers that maintain some levels of privacy. The many windows also achieve a bright, airy atmosphere to encourage a positive working environment. As well as our main meeting area, the individual offices have also been equipped with meeting tables and chairs – so we will never run out of room!

Our new canteen on the factory floor has been provided with more tables and facilities so that there is plenty of space for everyone to relax and enjoy their break. With all of the new furniture being put into place, our new factory is really starting to take its shape and come together.

A look at ReAgent's new office furniture

Our open office has been furnished with spacious desks that include a central divider for privacy. A row of windows runs down the entire side of the office to ensure brightness and vibrancy. We have even included a small break-room where our staff can make their cups of tea!

Mixing Vessels

The massive increase in manufacturing space has enabled us to install larger mixing vessels. This will reduce manufacturing costs, improving our overall efficiency which is something we always strive to do.

Larger mixing vessels and an increased flow of product will also allow us to handle larger enquiries and orders so that we can better serve our customers’ requirements.

The impact of larger mixing vessels, as well as more automated packing processes, will have a dramatic effect on our productivity and efficiency. In terms of the future, this will enable us to be more competitive and to continue to grow at our current rate.

A large mixing vessel in the middle of a factory

Our newer, larger mixing vessel will improve our efficiency by reducing manufacturing costs and increasing product flow. We will also be able to handle larger orders.

Water Plant Developments

One of the most exciting aspects of our final fit-out is the upcoming installation of our new water plant that will consist of two ring mains, one for deionised water and one for high purity water.

Our new deionised water ring main will triple the current capacity of water we can process by increasing from a 28mm diameter pipe to a 63mm diameter pipe. This pushes our maximum capacity of water to over 10,000 litres per hour.

The high purity ring main is a brand new feature that will be fed from the deionised water ring main before passing through a further purification process. This will involve reverse osmosis and a second UV filter, resulting is the highest purity water possible.

ReAgent's newly designed laboratory

Our new laboratory has been specially designed to facilitate our rigorous quality checks. Located on the factory floor, the window that overlooks the manufacturing space provides a feeling of inclusivity and openness.

Getting the new water plant up and running will be one of the final steps before moving into the new factory. With everything coming together, ReAgent look forward to 23rd April 2018 when we are expected to have finalised the move across. If you have any queries, please contact us today.


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