Eco-Absorb Product added to our Range

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

11th May 2015

We’d like to let our customers know about a new product we’re adding to our range, which can be purchased when browsing our online chemical store. The product is known as Eco-Absorb and we’re sure it will be a welcome addition for our customers that want to provide a safer working environment.

What is Eco-Absorb?

eco-absorbEco-Absorb is a spill absorbent product from Serenity which only recently arrived to the European market. It will be added to our website in the near future so customers can add it to their online basket.

Eco-Absorb is used to easily clean up spills that could present a potential danger to your workforce – who could slip on the spillage or be exposed to a hazardous substance. The product is non-toxic to humans and has undergone testing procedures that found it is safe for use in food environments.

The product is currently used in a range of industries; motor-racing, military and other professional organisations are likely to want to have this cost-effective product on-site for any emergencies.

You can watch the video below from Serenity that presents the benefits of Eco-Absorb against traditional clay products. Just one bag of Eco-Absorb will soak up a 1 gallon oil spill – a task that would take 50 lbs of clay.

How can you Buy Eco-Absorb?

Once our offering of Eco-Absorb has been finalised, customers will be able to order it from ReAgent’s online chemical shop. When ordering your usual products, you’ll be taken to your basket where you can add Eco-Absorb along with the other useful safety extras we offer, such as dispensing caps, overalls and safety gloves.

Alternatively, you can use the search bar and add the spill absorbent straight to your online basket.

We’re not sure exactly when Eco-Absorb will be available to buy from our website, but it will be part of our range in the very near future. Simply check back on the website or follow our social media updates for recent and relevant news:


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