How easyFairs Packaging Innovations Show Changed how we Think

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

11th March 2014

“Packaging Innovations: The Future of Branded and Inspirational Packaging”

ReAgent attended easyFairs Packaging Innovations Show 2014 as part of our plan to attend more industry events and see what’s on offer. We took some time away from the busy office to take advantage of the chance to listen to ideas from innovative brands and see how this can positively impact ReAgent. As well as having fun meeting lots of new people and companies, we were impressed by the ideas being showcased and it flashed some light bulbs in our heads about possible changes we can adopt here.  

Who, When, Where, What, and Why?

A handful of our management team had the opportunity to attend Packaging Innovations 2014 on the 26th and 27th February. The group of attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the rest of the staff were keen to hear all about it when the event was over. The event took place at NEC Birmingham (National Exhibition Centre), although the exhibition is also held annually in London under the name of Packaging Innovations London.

Darren and Simon checking out the latest Sachet Filling technology

ReAgent checking out the latest Sachet Filling technology

Packaging Innovations is hosted by easyFairs, a company that runs shows across the world with the aim of bringing businesses together for exhibitions and networking. Over 350 leading suppliers of all aspects of packaging attended this year and there were so many other activities on offer that we were spoilt for choice. There were debates such as The Big Packaging Debate and The Big Print Debate, as well as the Plastics and Packaging Recycling Clinic and the Packaging Society Consultancy Clinic and numerous other insightful seminars.

Our main focus at the event was directed on visiting as many exhibition stands as possible to learn from them, gain some ideas of our own and make sure we’re keeping up-to-date with the latest technology in the contract packing industry. We feel we achieved this and more.

Our Experience

One stand we were keen to attend was the BCMPA exhibition. This was located in the CONTRACT PACK zone and is a company that provides a place for businesses to find professional outsourcing partners in the UK for their contract packing needs. We enjoyed visiting this stand as we recently became a member of the BCMPA and so we were pointed in the direction of other members that were exhibiting at Packaging Innovations. The event provided the perfect opportunity to network with other people in the industry.

As well as Packaging Innovations, there was a selection of other shows at the event that all make up the vital parts of the packaging supply chain. Thanks to the co-located shows, we were able to gain a better understanding of where ReAgent needs to move next and they even helped us to plan our investment for the future. Here’s a list of the co-located shows present at the NEC:

An air packaging machine, similar to the ones we use at ReAgent

An air packaging machine, similar to the ones we use at ReAgent

The Future at ReAgent

We were inspired by so many of the innovative and exciting ideas that were being showcased at Packaging Innovations that it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which exhibitions will have a direct effect on the way we think about packaging at ReAgent. However, following the event, we have already implemented one immediate change regarding pallet-wrapping solutions. There happens to be a quicker and easier way of wrapping pallets than the method we had previously used, and this has now become evident to us. Because of this new solution, productivity has increased in the factory as we are now much more efficient in our pallet-wrapping.

Continuing our dedication to attending industry events, we plan on visiting Making Cosmetics on 25th-26th March in Coventry. This is another networking opportunity and is an event showcasing what is available on the cosmetics market as well as discussing key issues in the industry. There will be seminars, demonstrations and a major exhibition and will be a useful event for discovering further leading-edge brands. We will visit as a member of the BCMPA and are looking forward to seeing any other attendees there.

Attending these showcases will provide us with the perfect foundation for our next move. As part of ReAgent’s Big Plans for the future we will begin to attend vital events as exhibitors instead of visitors, to display our own brand to other people in the industry. We took away a great deal of valuable information from Packaging Innovations 2014 and we plan on attending again next year, but perhaps we’ll be exhibitors in 2015 and our own ideas will enlighten other companies that come to see us.

Our MD sitting on cardboard furniture made by HP

Our MD sitting on cardboard furniture made by HP

Overall, the event was a huge success and was of great use to us. The turn-out was fantastic as other industry experts understand the developing technology involved in the packing industry and how it’s vital to remain knowledgeable about it. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there and are thrilled about the ideas it has planted in our mind for the future of ReAgent. 


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