Video: Concrete Platform Demolition Time-lapse

Rich Hudson

by Rich Hudson

20th December 2013

Earlier this month work began on demolishing the concrete platform in the centre of our production facility marking a significant milestone in a project aimed at improving the layout of our factory.

The work begins with the platform and the area around it being cleared. The platform is then isolated by cutting off the water and electricity supplies. Once this is complete, the demolition begins with the shower towers and then the concrete slabs and bricks being dismantled. The next phase is for us to shot blast the floor and repaint it then we can work on implementing the new layout.

A little history

The platform was erected in 1977 when ReAgent was originally founded and was used as a place for mixing formulations because it was closer to the light. The platform was also used to hold large mixing tanks, the contents of which could be tapped off easily from ground level.

Concrete Platform Demolition

Factory floor showing the platform back in 1979, the two white towers either side are emergency showers

Changing times

The face of ReAgent has changed a lot since the platform was erected and so have the needs of our business and those of our customers. After careful analysis of our current operations and thorough investigation into various ways we could improve the flow of our production facility we arrived at a solution that required the platform to be demolished.

Moving forward

Now the platform is gone we’re able to implement the next stage of our plans to improve our facility. First the floor will be shot-blasted and a new coat of paint applied. Then work will begin on building the new layout which we intend to closely monitor for any opportunities for further improvement.


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