Concrete Floor Restoration

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

3rd September 2014

Recently, a very busy unit in our factory has been out of use for a week or so. This is because we are in preparation for a huge refurbishment throughout the production areas and are making way for a brand new layout.

The new layout has been carefully planned to offer optimal benefits to ourselves and our customers. Not only will we reduce production time by getting rid of unnecessary obstacles, but we will also reduce expenses and waste. Taking all of this into account, the concrete floor restoration was an important step to pave the way for a new and improved production process at ReAgent.

The old floor had been in place since the 1970’s, when ReAgent bought the factory and began trading. Unsurprisingly, it was looking worn out.

We began the concrete floor restoration with some shot blasting. This involved blasting the floor with metal ball bearings to remove the surface paint and any loose surface material. The floor was then grinded with a diamond grinding disk to make sure the surface was smooth.

A vacuum system then “sucked up” the residue and the surface was buffed to remove any more dust and further clean the floor.

All surface defects were filled in with epoxy filler, before a green coating was applied. This was the primer layer that filled in the rest of the cracks and imperfections, giving the floor a smooth finish so that it was ready for painting.

Finally, two coats of High Build two pack epoxy paint were applied. We opted for a blue paint for our factory floor, which looks shiny and fresh, and is in-keeping with our website and logo colours.

Now the concrete floor has been restored, we’re ready to continue with the next phase of developing our production facility. It won’t be much longer until we’re even better equipped to carry out our specialised services in the factory such as contract manufacturing  and contract packing.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to hear more about the services we offer, and keep an eye out for more videos of our factory refurbishment coming soon. The concrete floor restoration was a successful start to the new layout and now we’re able to go back to using the unit. We can’t wait until the transformation is complete!

Watch our timelapse video of the concrete floor restoration. Notice how high we climbed to get the best view of the process – we think it was worth it! You can see a week’s worth of work condensed down into about two minutes of footage.

Mid-process of our Concrete Floor Restoration

Mid-process of our Concrete Floor Restoration


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