Chemspec Europe 2014: ReAgent goes to Budapest

Simon Tasker

by Simon Tasker

4th July 2014

ReAgent made a trip to Chemspec Europe 2014 which was held in Hungexpo, Budapest, Hungary to spend some time exhibiting and some time sampling the local dishes and seeing the sights.

Chemspec Europe was a two-day event held on the 18th and 19th of June, but we’ve been building up to it for months, preparing brochures and a website page. Simon Tasker and Darren Wilson were the lucky ones to travel to the event, and it gave us at ReAgent the chance to hop on a plane and do some international networking.

Chemspec Europe 2014: Success in Quality and Innovation

Chemspec events are held by Quartz Chemicals – an exhibition organiser based in the UK that has been serving the chemical industry for the past 30 years. Chemspec is dedicated exclusively to the fine and speciality chemicals industry and it travels all around the world, comprising of Chemspec Europe, Chemspec Asia and Chemspec India.

Following this year’s event, Chemspec Europe remains one of the strongest trade shows for the chemical industry in the North West.

Chemspec grows year on year with a rapidly increasing number of visitors at each event, and this was the first time that Chemspec Europe was held in Budapest. The exhibition is due to be held in Cologne next year, so maybe ReAgent will have the opportunity to take a trip to Germany in 2015.

Fast Forward: Chemspec Europe 2015!

Our Experience at Chemspec Europe

ReAgent was situated on the UKTI stand at Chemspec Europe

ReAgent was situated on the UKTI stand at Chemspec Europe

Both days at Chemspec Europe 2014 were really busy as Chemspec is gaining more traction with each exhibition it launches. ReAgent was placed on the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) stand.

We were able to exhibit alongside other UK companies covering a range of different areas. Other companies specialised in a range of services from manufacturing and custom chemical synthesis, to the making of colorants.

We didn’t just focus on attracting customers at the event. We also met some potential suppliers for ourselves and it was good to talk to other people about their experiences of exhibitions to pick up some tips and techniques.

We enjoyed chatting with visitors of our stand, and most people that approached us took away a brochure and our free giveaway; memory sticks with ReAgent’s details. We met a number of potential customers from different industries both in the UK and overseas and took the valuable opportunity to talk to customers we wouldn’t have known about (even those based in the UK).

The day included some refreshments and an informal networking session, and we invited people to take a look at our website’s Chemspec Europe page  for quick access to information after the event.

Chemspec Europe sums up the event on their website, by providing the top 7 reasons visitors and exhibitors attended Chemspec Europe 2014 in Budapest:

  • We were one of the 400+ international companies that can offer you bespoke solutions for your business

    We were one of the 400+ international companies that can offer you bespoke solutions for your business

    400+ international companies represented within the exhibition with experts on stands who will be able to offer you new and bespoke solutions for your business

  • 50+ global experts in their field offering a wide range of free-of-charge conference content
  • Chemspec Events Careers Clinic offering private consultations on career development in association with Chemical Search International
  • Product sourcing support with the Chemspec Source Finder team organised by Chemical Information Services
  • Exhibitor showcase presentations offering a guide to the latest innovations in the industry
  • Networking opportunities and informal meeting areas throughout the exhibition
  • With Budapest ideally located to join Eastern and Western Europe this is an opportunity to meet new contacts from both sides of the continent and further afield

We thoroughly enjoyed the chance to expand into Europe and make some overseas connections in Budapest. Although the trip was dedicated to the Chemspec Europe exhibition, we did have chance to explore the streets and culture that Budapest has to offer. Keep your eye out for a blog about our experiences of Budapest as its own unique city. 


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