Chemistry With Cabbage School Visit

Rich Hudson

by Rich Hudson

18th October 2012

Monday 12th November is going to be an exciting day for me and one of my colleagues as we are preparing to go ‘back to School’. We have been invited to attend a one-day workshop with Years 5 and 6 at Aston-by-Sutton Primary School near Runcorn, Warrington which will be run by Lorelly Wilson from Chemistry with Cabbage.

You may remember my recent blog post about this inspirational scientist and her mission to introduce the wonder, excitement and fun of chemistry to young pupils by encouraging them to become safely involved in ‘hands on’ chemistry experiments in the classroom using household chemicals and proper equipment. We are delighted to be able to support her work by providing an ongoing supply of quality chemicals for use in experiments.

Lorelly makes several school visits a week in response to requests, in addition to hour-long demonstrations of chemistry experiments using ordinary ingredients with lots of ideas for pupils to try with their teacher or at home.

Additionally, Chemistry with Cabbage has demonstrations aimed at adults and secondary school students. Her work has received many favourable comments from Ofsted Inspectors and teachers alike. Amongst the many honorary posts she holds, Lorelly was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry Inspiration in Industry 2012. Check out her website at for further information.

Now it’s going to be my turn to watch pink lab-coated Lorelly ‘in action’ and I can’t wait to see the children’s reactions as they get to grips with some proper chemistry experiments. Let’s not forget that some of these youngsters will be the chemists of the future. I’ll let you know how I get on and keep you posted of any updates.


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