Website Redevelopment: A Big Project!

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

22nd January 2016

As you know, ReAgent is always looking for ways to improve our customers purchasing experience online, over the phone and in person. It’s due to this attitude of continual improvement we’ve recently decided now is a suitable time to begin the next chapter of our online refurbishment, starting with is our online store for B2B (Business to Business) off-the-shelf chemical product sales. We offer a wide array of products ranging from 5L of deionised water to 1,000L of deionised water in IBC’s and multiple variations of Hydrochloric Acid grades.  The website is one of the biggest online suppliers of off-the-shelf chemicals sold within the UK and there are many products that can only be found on our website within the UK.

We’ve decided that now is a suitable time to completely redevelop the website, introduce an entire new work flow, layout and identity. We know that this is going to be a huge project for everybody involved in the project, and we’re not expecting a live product until later this year, but we want to keep everybody up-to date with the process as the websites main function is to provide an enjoyable and simple user journey for ALL existing, and new customers. 

The End Goal for

Essentially, all we want to do is simplify everything on for both our sales team who use the website every day, and both new and existing customers who order from the website on a daily basis! If we can make either of those elements easier for people then we can mark that as a job complete! But, we always like to take everything one step further and go beyond our call of duty. Whilst we are aiming to retain the level of technical details relating to each product on the website, we also want to give our customers the ability to access any documents, certificates and / or safety sheets that are available to their purchased product any time they require them.

By doing this, we want to allow customers to simply help themselves to any information they require without spending time submitting an inquiry form and getting in touch with sales. Quick, Simple, Straightforward and to the point is going to make everybody’s experience a whole lot better.

“This extremely exciting project is without a doubt one of the most beneficial projects ReAgent has undergone to generate a better online shopping experience for off-the-shelf chemicals. Over the next 12 months we’re sure to overcome some incredibly challenging obstacles which I think will showcase just how well ReAgent and our team can work together to create a high quality product… just like our chemical manufacturing capabilities”

– Darren Langton, Marketing Director Stocks Products that are created in our very own facility Stocks Products that are created in our very own facility

How Can You Keep Up-To Date?

Every now and then you might want to check back on to our blog, we’re sure to keep writing new posts with regards to the development of the website. Whenever a significant development takes place it’s more than likely we will share it with our customers and from time to time there may be an option for customers and consumers to give their input into the development of the website. We’d love to hear what you have to say, so if you want to let us know then feel free to get in touch with our sales team on 1-800-817-175.

We look forward to working with you! 


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