Rebuild Project Update

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

4th November 2016

We’re still plowing ahead with the rebuild of our online chemical store, The rebuild began earlier this year, and since we last posted about it back in July, we’ve made huge progress.

The website is being developed in-house, by our marketing team consisting of Darren Langton and Dan Wiggins. Having an in-house team developing the website has really shown it’s advantages, any issues can be dealt with quickly and appropriately. Whilst the website is still not complete, we do have a timeline on our calendars when we expect the website to go live… but that’s not something we can confirm just yet. In the meantime, I want to take you through some of the new features we have added to the site in the aim to improve the experience for any user, existing, or non-existing customer.

Product Photographs

The existing website has over 1,000 products listed, which means over 1,000 product images. We wanted to introduce a new lease of life into the new version of our chemicals website, so we took the time to photograph every single product and pack size that we sell online, here at ReAgent. It took a lot of time, but we feel that the effort put into taking these product photographs would be one of the biggest ways to incorporate more colour and imagery into the new website. You can see some of the new product photographs below.


As you can see the product photographs are much more vibrant, in comparison to the existing photographs you can find on our current website.

Questions and Answers

We have introduced a question and answer system which can be found on each and every product page. Essentially, the question and answer system works as a live FAQ, but rather than preset questions we already set answers, we are allowing customers to ask a question live on the site, which can then be responded to by members of our sales team. We believe that this system can provide quick and simple answers to questions raised by a product listing, that maybe you do not have time to ring our sales team and enquire about.

You will also be able to see questions asked by previous customers and answers from our sales team in relation to specific products. As oppose to generic FAQ questions you see on websites, these snippets of information will be specific to the product in question.

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