ReAgent Speaker at Chemicals North West Breakfast Event

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

21st April 2014

We like to spread the word of ReAgent whenever we can, and when we were invited to speak at Chemicals North West Breakfast Event on 27th March 2014, we took advantage of the opportunity and started practising our lines.

This is a step on the correct path to expanding ReAgent and gradually becoming a global name, as it’s part of our recent business plan to exhibit at events to boost our profile and let others know what we do and where we see ourselves heading in the future. 

ReAgent’s Operations Director, Darren Wilson, was chosen to be our voice at this event and he turned out to be a natural when it came to public speaking!

Support for the UK’s largest sector

Chemicals North West is an organisation that supports the chemical industry; the largest in the UK. It was set up to raise awareness of the companies and services that are out there and what they do. They work to encourage further growth of the chemical industry by:

  • Equipping the current and future workforce with the skills they need
  • Advancing sustainable development practices in the industry
  • Focusing industry and academic research for future innovation
  • Improving the image of the industry and promoting benefits to all

Chemicals North West regularly host events and invite anyone in the industry to go along. This particular Breakfast Event was held at The Heath, Runcorn and was a relaxed, informal session that allowed members of the organisation to share their ideas and contacts. We had the chance to network with sub-contractors and suppliers, amongst others, and the event gave us some inspiration for changes to implement at ReAgent.

Darren Wilson represents ReAgent

Rather than reeling off a sales pitch, Darren decided to focus his speech on talking about life at ReAgent and explaining our aims and objectives. Beginning with an introduction to the company, he went on to discuss how business planning has helped us create a vision for our future aspirations.

Darren invited members of Chemicals North West to join us on our journey, and gave credit to the companies we’ve previously worked with or had assistance from in the past, including:

chemicals-north-west-mas            chemicals-north-west-growth-accelerator

chemicals-north-west-uktichemicals-north-west-uktichemicals-north-west-ukti       chemicals-north-west-halton-chamber-of-commerce

New avenues opened for us

As with most events we attend, we made lots of good, useful contacts that we could be working with long into the future. We met a supplier company there who provides a service for testing hazardous atmospheres. Because of the potentially dangerous nature of chemicals, improving safety is an ongoing priority for us and this service will allow us to measure operators’ exposure to hazardous materials in our lab and factory.

We also spoke with another company at the event whom, funnily enough is located locally to our own premises (less than a mile away!). They had never heard of ReAgent beforehand, but after having a chat, it turned out that they happened to require one of our services. This company is interested in exploring the possibility of using us for contract packing, and we look forward to working with this great neighbouring business.

We’re satisfied with the outcome of this event, where we gained enquiries and managed to schedule meetings. Overall, it was very valuable and we will be attending other Chemicals North West events regularly in the future, where we hope to feature as a speaker again.


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