Watch Our New Chemical Manufacturing Video

Lucy Bell-Young

by Lucy Bell-Young

6th November 2020

We’ve recently released a brand new video that shows you how our chemical manufacturing service can meet your needs by taking you behind-the-scenes of ReAgent’s state-of-the-art factory. Whether you’re interested in how a leading chemical manufacturing company operates or are simply curious about how we do things, now’s your chance to take a look at everything we have to offer!

Exterior shot of ReAgent Ltd chemical manufacturing facility


How Our Chemical Manufacturing Service Works

In a short-but-sweet three minutes, our latest video on chemical manufacturing runs you through everything we do to ensure that you receive industry-leading service from us. If you’re looking to buy a product in bulk, have chemicals blended to an existing formula, or need a bespoke formulation created from scratch, our video will give you all the insights you need into our chemical manufacturing process, including: 

  • What kinds of chemicals and batch sizes we’re capable of handling
  • How we meet industry standards, both in terms of quality and environment safety
  • How we determine the production schedule and which manufacturing method to use
  • What packaging and shipping containers we’re able to accommodate, from 2ml ampoules to 25,000 litre road tankers
  • How we work with you to fulfil your order, providing unlimited samples and expert advice every step of the way

Scientist in lab coat working in laboratory

Step Inside Our State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Facility

Back in April 2018, ReAgent moved into a brand new purpose-built factory so we could continue growing into the future with increased space and brand new facilities. 

Well, with our newest video, you can take a step inside our state-of-the-art chemical manufacturing plant and get special glimpses of our labs and clean rooms, as well as our blending vessels, mixing tanks, and filling machines. 

Watch our latest chemical manufacturing video today to see how we can best meet your needs!


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